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Michael Touchstone
Residing In: Sherman, TX USA
Children: Taylor, born 1991
Yes! Attending Reunion
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I had a great time at the 10 year and 20 year reunion. Sorry I missed the 25, I guess I changed my e-mail and missed it. I hope all the single ladies had a dance partner.
I have been working and living in Sherman, TX since 1988. I am an electrician and I am currently woriking at an idustrial facility.
I think often of all the good times I had at Permian, especially since my only daughter is now a senior in high school. I have been trying to explain to her (I might as well be talking to a wall) that these are the best times of her life, but she thinks that life will be more fulfilling once she is on her own. OH, HOW THINGS NEVER CHANGE.
Anyway, I am feeling great, my health is fine and my job is stable. What more can you ask for in these times we live in now?

School Story:

Favorite School Story...
I think the teacher's name was Mr. Orbeck, or something like that, he was a science teacher. There was a black guy named "Red", I can't remember his real name, but he was so named for his red hair. We had the bunson burners going for some meaningless experiment when Red decided that this would be the perfect time to light up a cigarette in class. Mr. Orbeck asked the class "Do y'all smell something burning?", and proceeded to walk around the classroom looking for the origin of this peculiar odor. At this point "Red" through the cigarrette to me, behind the teacher's back, I took a drag and threw it to the next guy that I knew smoked. Mr. Orbeck was doing circles trying to find the source of this smoke while everytime he turned his back, we threw it to the next guy. We finally threw it in one of the sinks and put it out. But not before the entire class was rolling on the floor with laughter.

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hey man, text me at 903 819 3111

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